Let perspectives not dampen who you are!

How many of us have genuinely thanked our body for all the torture we put her through right from eating unhealthy to being demotivated looking at an hourglass figure? Imagine if our body had actually given up on for all that we did or still doing or will do to her. If you had loved her enough and loved her hard you would know how to treat her right and we wouldn’t give a crap about the “perfect” body that we have created to trick our mind.

Accepting the way you are and working on it is the first step to achieving anything. Allow the light in your heart to shine for yourself and others, and in so doing, your entire being will glow with a fire of beauty.

True beauty comes from a place of self-awareness and security and not from the mindset of covering up what people may think is ugly.

For e.g. I’m sure you know this –  Hrithik Roshan has extra fingers in his right hand and he never tries to hide it but we don’t see it because he puts a lot more effort to focus on what’s great about him that people don’t even notice this

Sometimes people have to tell themselves, “Yes! You are beautiful not because of what you wear and how you look, but because of what you are”.

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