“Being Beautiful starts with Feeling Beautiful”

A big hug and love to all the beautiful people who are reading this. This post is a little different than my regulars. This post is just a reminder to indulge in some self-love and spread love around like confetti during these very uncertain times. As an influencer I’m very particular about the space I create around myself and to my fellow followers. I created this space for all of us not only to be bold and beautiful on the outside but also from inside. 

A week ago I came across this beautiful Tamil saying “Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum” (trans: You glow differently when you are happy from within). Those words left an impression in my mind. In my page, I have shared a lot of tips and techniques on how to keep your skin healthy on the outside but unless we are mentally or emotionally strong and happy those tips are good only for the gram. 

There are a lot of things that we worry about or compare ourselves to. But have we all thought about or are we grateful for the things that we crossed or things that are with us right now? Take a look around you – count the blessings that you have around you. Right from family to friends to the air that we breathe or the water we drink or thankful that our body is keeping us safe while we leisurely scroll the Instagram or Facebook when there are people out there who are dying coz of the deadly disease. 

So let me tell you, take a pen and a paper and write down the things that you are genuinely grateful. For a starter: even small things such as breathing is a blessing or call a friend or a family member and talk to them without any expectation or anything in return. Just dial the goddamn number.  While we are on this let’s all remember we all belong to the big massive universe and not to one another. Love unconditionally care with all your heart but don’t try to exert power over them, it won’t end very well, I can bet on that. 

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