Does sleep deprivation affect your skin?

Are you one among the people who stay up late to watch multiple episodes of a tv show or streaming series, then this article is definitely for you. According to the American Academy of sleep medicine if you can’t break the Netflix binge and all the other negatives associated with lack of sleep faze, then here are some of the signs that doctors say they see the most.

  1. Cortisol(steroid hormone) level rise with sleep deprivation, which can worsen inflammatory(part of the body become swollen, reddened) conditions and result in poor collagen deposition”. Generally, blood flow to the face increases while sleeping so if we sleep late then this might lead to a grey or ashen appearance. Also, eyes can appear swollen and red with dark circles(everyone’s nightmare).
  1. “Sleeping habits have profound effects on the appearance of our eyes, particularly the lower eyelids”. We often will notice that the ‘bags’ are worse in the morning. This mainly occurs due to the lower eyelid fat holding on to the water that gets worse when an individual has lack of sleep. It’s important that our eyes get proper rest.
  1. Not getting enough sleep is associated with increased stress, and under stress”. Which means in short- term, our skin issues- acne, eczema, psoriasis, itching – will flare-up. Lack of sleep will also translate into disruption of collagen pathways, it reduces wound healing and more rapid skin ageing.
  1. “Lack of sleep is typically associated with a lack of horizontal posture”.

redistribution of water volume where the feet and lower extremities swell and the face can experience volume loss. Even the hair can appear thinner and less volumized from retained sebum and loss of volume effect.

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