Easy DIY Face Masks

In this current situation, everyone worries about maintaining a proper and healthy-looking skin, we all use to go to the salon and maintain on a regular basis or at least ones in a while. We are not sure how long this situation will exist and also we’ll have a problem with shipping our favourite brands ( Hoping to get through this soon). So we’re here going to find a way to approach self-care and beauty at home. 

DIY treatments are great in supplement and alternative to our regular skincare regime.

Not all products in your kitchen pantry are safe to your skin it’s better to do some research before slathering the shelf. Here we’re going to share a few kitchen products which are universally suitable for all skin type. 


This isn’t a face mask technically, it should be used only on dry lips once a week. Sugar gives the gritty, exfoliating texture. Honey helps in retaining the natural moisture.


sugar (½ tsp)

Honey (½ tsp)

Mix it up and gently scrub your lips and leave it for five mins. You can wash it off and apply lip balm after this process.


Lactic acid helps in reuniting and hydrating your skin, which also helps in getting rid of dead cells. Honey and oats help in gentle exfoliation and moisturising. This is mainly for dull and dry skin.


Plain greek yoghurt (¼ cup)

Raw honey (1-2 tsp)

Oats (1 tsp grounded)

 Blend it well and apply on your skin with a brush and leave it for 20 mins, later wash it with lukewarm water.

Mayonnaise face mask

This mask is best suited for oily skin. Egg white is known for tightening your skin and it is also treated for ageing and acne-prone skin. If your skin is oily egg whites are said to clarify pores and hair follicles that make too much of sebum.


Egg white – 1 Egg

Lemon juice – (½ lemon)

Raw honey – 1tsp

Combine the mixture in a bowl and apply it as a thin layer and let it dry for about 15-20 mins then wash it off with warm water.


Aloe vera helps in soothing and moisturising your skin where else matcha green tea powder helps in reducing the redness and have an excellent anti-inflammatory property.


Fresh aloe vera gel (2 tsp)

Matcha green tea powder (1 spn)

Mix it well and apply it on your skin and leave it for 15 mins. Wash it with lukewarm water and moisturise it. If you don’t find matcha green tea powder you can use few pinche of turmeric instead.

If you’re thinking of trying a DIY don’t overdo it. Use it once or twice in a week. Make sure all the products are clean and free from bacteria.

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