Let’s have cleaner brows together in this lockdown!

If you are one among those who are worried that your eyebrows might sprout a forest during this quarantine, then this post is for you. Sharing a few tips and tricks to maintain and groom your brows well and decent.

I’m among those who use a professional for shaping my eyebrow but this quarantine has boomed some new skill in me, all thanks to the tweezers to remove those stray hairs.

Pro- Tip: The best time to pull your hair is after the bath; the pores are usually open and plucking out the hair will be easy, less painful and also you can pull them from their roots. Pull the extra hair in the direction of hair growth using the tweezer. Always remember not to touch the middle part –  just start pulling the extra hairs which are easy to reach starting from unibrows, forehead and under the brow. While tweezing your brows never go overboard and ruin your natural shape by over plucking. Post tweezing always apply ice cubes or aloe vera gel to seal the pores back and to avoid the lumps. 

Less is more:  Only pluck the extra grown and visible hairs. Don’t ever try to shape your brow you’ll ruin your eyebrow shape. If by mistake you end up over-plucking one of your brows, never try to match with the other side – I repeat never. The over-plucked brow will grow eventually or you can even match by using the brow fillers (the lockdown time is good to practice shaping your brows) 😛 

You can use the scissors to cut the extra grown hair in the tip which makes a huge difference. You can pick the longest to prevent your brow from losing shape. 

If you aren’t confident enough then you can reach out to your eyebrow products. You can fill and shape using brow fillers and pallets.

You could use this Q-period to grow your brow thick and get them done professionally.

Will come up with more posts until then stay safe, healthy and enjoy your quarantine by staying home.

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