Is only CTM your skincare routine????

When comes to skincare routine we always stick to CTM( Cleanser, toner and moisturiser) and SPF. For sure some women stick to occasional facial or face mask, etc. But, often we use to forget about exfoliation since we never have that in our daily routine. Scrubbing your face often will make your skin dry but that doesn’t mean you should avoid.

According to dermatologist exfoliating your skin helps in shedding the natural process of your skin which encourage healthier, smoother and more even-toned look, It also helps to remove the impurities of clogging pores.

What if you get some scrub which is fully organic which cause no harm to your skin? 

I got this Vanya anaar shine pomegranate face scrub. It consists of deeply blended pomegranate peel, orange peel, milk powder and natural cane sugar which is uniquely formulated to resist acne and oxidation with gently exfoliating and hydrating skin. This is ideal for all skin tones and textures.

Pomegranate helps in removing tan.

The orange peel acts as an astringent. 

Direction of use

Mix with rose water or clean water using damp fingers, massage into the skin of your face and neck in a circular motion, exerting moderate pressure. Scrub gently and wash off thoroughly with clean water, ideal usage is once or twice a week.

My experience

I have a normal to dry skin so I generally don’t prefer scrubbing or I use only once or twice in a month. I just wanted to give a try since I love organic products. Product was nicely packed and they also given the toner to use it after scrubbing. The product was in dark brown and the smell was so soothing. I was excited to try this product so I just cleansed my face thoroughly and gently applied a little amount of product to my face. It gave a good massage feel while scrubbing and keep it in mind while scrubbing you shouldn’t be harsh on your face since it will cause damage to your skin. I just washed it with lukewarm water and then applied the toner given by them. My skin felt soft but then it didn’t give an immediate result. The next morning I can see the visible result, my skin looked smooth and healthy. I would recommend trying this product to everyone who loves to go paraben-free.

Will write up a few tips in my upcoming blog until then stay healthy…. Bye byeeee ❤

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