Ever Dreamt of Growing Your Hair Long?

While seeing someone with a very good hair we will be like ‘Hey! Even I use to have this long and thick hair when I was young’. Do you ever think of how it suddenly went into ashes in this so-called modern lifestyle? Back in your school days our mom uses to apply hair oil every day and plait it neatly. But nowadays we always prefer free hair, pony or some hairstyle of our comfort by not applying oil and maintaining it properly. Oiling is the best way to protect and pamper your hair. It gives your hair all the essential proteins and nutrients to become strong and thick. One of the best ways to protect your hair from this pollution and lifestyle is oiling your hair on a regular basis with good hair oil and with some good massage. 

Choosing your hair oil is the most important thing. You can’t just pick some random hair oil which advertises themselves as natural but loaded with parabens. Spending time on researching your ingredients is always a must. Every hair oil doesn’t do its work of what it claims for only a few hair oil companies keep their promises as they advertise. I found one this HAIR SANJEEVANI hair oil does wonders to your hair like what it claims” Bring hair back to life”.

You can Buy the product in the link given below

Hair Oil:

Hair sanjeevani therapeutic hair oil is an herbal oil which prevents your hair from hair fall and stimulates hair growth also checks for premature growing. Since it contains all the powerful blend of ancient and modern herbs it gives your hair a new life.

Ancient herbs like bhringaraj, Aloe vera, Amla hibiscus, neem are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, glycerides and provide necessary nourishment to your hair. The new modern herbs such as red onion extract, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Argan oil has anti-inflammatory, emollient ( Honey is also rich in the anti-inflammatory property which nourishes your hair) and humectant.

How it works:

Detox: Removes toxins, dandruff & other harmful chemicals

Nourish: Provides nutrition to the roots for the growth of healthy & shiny hair.

Stimulate: Reactivate the inactive follicles to regrow new thick hair

Repair: Prevents flaky scalp hair breakage & split ends.

Shield: Moisturizes & forms a protective layer to counter the effect of harmful environment.

My Experience: I took a few drops of Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil and applied all over my scalp by massaging gently. And I left it for 3 hours to get settled. To be frank I was hesitated to use a new product on me but since it contains natural ingredients I tried out boldly as I always love going green. It has a smell of fresh aroma. Later I washed off thoroughly with Hair sanjeevani mild detox shampoo. I can literally feel the difference in one wash. It completely cleanses harmful toxins, dirt, and dust from your hair and gives a completely fresh look and helps in stimulating new hair growth. At the beginning hair fall might happen since it removes all the weakest hair and it takes time for any product to get settled. The only drawback I felt is it doesn’t come with a conditioner, will be very happy if they launch it soon ;). I highly recommend this product for you guys to use it. You will feel the difference.

Write your comments below after using this product. Soon will come up with another amazing tips. Until then byeee ❤ ❤ ❤

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