Are you maintaining your skin in summer?

Summer is here and the hot weather is already taking a toll on your skin. You already might have planned for vacation, beach holidays, swimming, etc. But did you plan to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the sun? Don’t you think it’s necessary to protect and safeguard your precious skin?. Think twice before planning to go out in a hot sun because summer is not only about fun vacation and get-togethers but also a lot about staying hydrated, eating healthy and most importantly protecting your skin from sun damages. But this doesn’t mean you should stay indoors. All you need to do is plan your summer in a way the effect of the weather is minimal on the skin. Wondering how? Well here are the few tips for you to follow to beat the heat.

Always carry your accessories:

Umbrella is not only for the rainy season it should be taken out in the summer also to protect you from the sun rays. And most importantly never use black or dark shaded color which directly absorbs the sun rays. While sunglasses are the best to protect your eyes from the sun rays, you can also wear a wide hat which works wonders to deal with hot weather. Even stoles and scarves can help you to beat the summer. All you need to do is to wrap it around your head while driving two-wheelers or even while walking. Usage of these in the night time is also the best way to protect your skin from pollution. Moreover, this might also compliment your dressings if you pair it up with the right costumes.


Clothing plays a major role in summer to protect your skin. Always wear light colored and cotton clothes. This fabrics not only helps the skin to breathe but also keeps your body cool when the temperature is as hot as hell. Avoid wearing tight dresses which cause your skin to irritate. Go for loose and long sleeves which may help you to escape from this sunrays and if you are tempted to go sleeveless then wear your sunscreen accordingly. If you are for the gym or while exercising wear fabrics that wick moisturizer away from your skin. Wearing dark clothes might lead to excessive sweating and make your skin prone to infection.

Skin care essentials

Sunscreen is your lifesaver. Be it a winter or summer season sunscreen is must in your daily skincare routine. The rays from the skin not only damages your skin it also leads to many skin problems. The American Academy of Dermatology has recommended a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection which means SPF of 30 and more plus which is water resistant. Remember to apply your sunscreen 10 minutes before going out in the light. Even the light from your computer and the mobile screen will make your skin dark and dull. And reapply your sunscreen whenever it is needed.

When to apply your sunscreen?

Cleanse your face, moisture and then apply your sunscreen, after 5 minutes you can apply your daily makeup routine.

Moisturiser is not only essential in the winter season due to dryness. It is necessary to moisture your skin in the summer as well. While applying make sure you apply in a slight wet skin so that it absorbs to your skin properly and minimize the effect of sun damage on the skin. So next time when you go for shopping never forget to shop your skincare essentials.
Do not forget to moisturize your lips too. It is good if you apply any moisturizer with SPF. Which prevents from making your lips dark.

Healthy diet

Drink plenty of water. It goes without saying that summer you need to up your intake of fluids. This not only prevents you from dehydration but also it keeps your skin healthy. It’s good to take 3-4 liters of water every day and other fluids every day to maintain your health. You can also opt for fresh juices which contain high water content like watermelon, tender coconut, buttermilk, etc. Always remember to stay away from carbonated drinks which not only affects your health but also your skin texture if you take in the long run.

Always remember beautiful skin comes not in a miracle
“ Take time out for beauty ”

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