Trending colors of the year 2k19

Hey people, Guess what!?!? This blog is going to be special because this is my first blog on lifestyle !!! ❤ 

Aren’t you tired of reading about a lot of products? So hereafter, I’m planning to add a little bit of lifestyle as well to spice things up. Hope you will enjoy reading them and show support just like you showed love before. 🙂 So without any delay let’s go !!!

As a fashion freak, what makes you feel on cloud nine? It’s when you try a new style and someone compliments that, isn’t it? People who love to dress up just don’t wear the usual dress from their wardrobe or at least not in the usual way. They just don’t like boring everyday outfits and thrive for perfection. They surf a lot for new ideas from fashion magazines, blogs and get inspired by them. You can see more cities with a great style but when it comes to fashion, these four countries – Milan, Paris, New York, and London are the best and set the trend. Following the current trend is what everyone loves to do and what do you think if I say you can do that with the trending colors of the year.

In this article, I am going to share some trending colors of 2019 by London color palette, which you can follow starting autumn and through winter – 2019/2020.


1) “Let’s mix up black and red – Wowww, it’s cranberry!”

Cranberry is a rich and sophisticated color which suits all the skin tones and it will look good if you pair this beautiful color with frost grey.

2) “Orange is the new black”

Summer fig is the light brick-red color which can be paired up with the olive-green color.

3) Bluestone

This beautiful color can be paired up with white or beige pant which gives you a professional look with high heels.

4) Forest biome

“As shown in the image, this color can be paired up with Dark toned jean or even beige colored pant”


5. Merlot is a dark blue color, wine grape variety which will look cool with even a regular blue jean.

6. Crabapple is the “color of good fall” accented by “purple or bronze leaf color” which goes well with rutabaga.

7)Galaxy blue 

“This is one amazing and one of my favorite colors which instantly boosts up our complexion and gives you a ready to party look and if you are wearing this as a top or something you can pair this with some mild pink or frost grey”

8) Hazel

A little tint of gold always adds beauty to your outfits it can be of any shade of purple, green, brown or orange to pair up with. These combos will give a “Wow” factor to your outfits, these combos add a traditional touch too.


9) Merlot:

This can be worn in any season and can also be paired up with white or darkest shade of blue. If you have worn this as a monochrome shade it will give you a rich look.

10)Chicory coffee:

Chicory coffee color can be paired up with the shades of black, white and blue and if you want to add more drama you can match it with baby pink.

11)Antique moss:

“As the name says it adds the touch of old and if you wear this as a single color as a full gown or something you look like as if you are ready for your canes”



This shades of yellow will rule most of our wardrobe, cz who doesn’t like “yeloveee” match this beautiful shade with rutabaga or olive green.




a) Rutabaga

b) Green olive

c) Evening blue

d) Frost gray

These all are the neutral shades which you can match it with any colors mentioned above. Hope this article might help you to be a trendsetter in your college or your workplace. Stay tuned on my page for some amazing tips until then bye… <3<3<3





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