Vilvah aloe vera gel review.

Do you work for hours and sleep late at night? Are you tired of your tired looking face? Do you afraid of using store product because you think they might just worsen the condition more? Are you wondering if there’s any remedy for any of these at all? If only you had a single product for all these, how easy your life will be. As I told you before “organic products” are ruling the shelf of every store which is free of chemicals people never hesitate to try them and here I am going to review one amazing product which I have been using for few months. Okay, let me give a rest to this dramatic introduction and jump straight to this amazing product I found for you guys. Tadaaa!!!

 Vilvah Aloe vera Gel product Description:

This aloe vera gel is manufactured with pure Aloe Vera Juice, which soothes and heals the damaged skin and hair. The gel contains

No artificial fragrance

No artificial color

No artificial thickener


Price of the product is Rs.350 and you can buy it in the link



Rinse your face with water and apply the aloe vera gel.

The multi-functionality aloe vera can be used as a facemask, moisturizer, and hair pack, styling gel, and leave-in conditioner.

It can be used as an everyday moisturizer soon after a shower or during the night-time.


Organic aloe vera juice, xanthum gum, Ecocert certified natural preservative

My experience:

Talking about my experience, since I have a normal to dry skin, it suits my skin very well. I use to sleep late at night and my skin started looking very dull so I tried applying this gel before going to sleep. After using this product I have seen visible changes. The gel gets absorbed to your skin within a few minutes and the next morning my skin felt healthy and hydrated with a plump look. It completely cured the dryness in my face and around my eye area and removes black spots when using it on a regular basis. And believe me guys, I felt the changes within 6-7 days.

You can use it on your elbows to minimize the darkness and this aloe vera gel can be used for many other skin issues which I have mentioned in my previous blog (uses of aloe vera gel miracle plant)

Hope you guys enjoy reading, will see you guys in my next blog until then byeeee ❤ ❤ ❤

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