Have the hair of your dreamzz !!!

In an article, it is said that 50% of women are losing their hair faster than ever due to pollution and heat. Heat causes dryness which in turn makes your hair frizzy and breakable. People these days have learned to embrace them as such and so this frizzy hair can be a positive or a negative trait depending on the trend and one’s personal preferences but the real problem is dryness of scalp.

Nowadays, organic products rule the shelf of every supermarket because now only we are realizing that ” old is gold”. Instead of preferring products with unreadable chemicals, now most of the people are opting for organic products. Since they contain organic elements like the extracts of plants, fruits, herbs and roots instead of paraben, sulfate, silicon which damages the scalp, these organic shampoos are highly beneficial and causes no side effects. In this blog, I’m going to review this amazing shampoo and conditioner which I used recently that is fully organic. This shampoo is good for treating hair problems like dandruff and dryness.

Vilvah shampoo: VILVAH nourishing herbal shampoo is infused with 35 Indian herbs that nourish and promote healthy hair and scalp. This helps to prevent dandruff and premature graying. Each herb is added for a therapeutic reason which promotes healthy hair follicles. This anti-dandruff shampoo, do the work that it claims, you can see the result in 2-3 wash.

Product description:
Our Herbal Antidandruff Shampoo is a power packed blend of natural extracts from age-old remedies for hair and scalp. The anti fungal and regenerative properties of neem, forms a potent combination with the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of piper nigrum (black pepper) to significantly reduce dandruff, itchy scalp and stimulate hair growth. In addition, superfoods like amla and onions infuse the scalp with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, aiding scalp nourishment and No sulphates, No parabens, No silicones, No harsh chemicals


Price of this product is Rs.590(200 ml) and 100 ml is Rs.300. You can buy it in the link

Please find the ingredients in the image below


The direction of use:

Take coin sized amount of product and dilute with a little amount of water then gently massage all over your scalp, this product lathers very well. Wait for 30 sec for the product to get settled since it contains only natural content it won’t affect your hair and it gives a cooling effect. Then wash it off thoroughly, you can feel freshness after washing it off because you are washing your hair without paraben, sulfate, and silicon 😉

My Experience:

Talking about my experience I personally always prefer organic products so I didn’t hesitate to try this new product on me. The shampoo comes in deep brown color and one thing I like the most about this product is the smell. It has the herbal smell which gives you the feel of a spa. It completely washes away dandruff in 2-3 washes. The oils like olive oil, coconut and castor oil infused in this shampoo are better known for hair growth and it also nourishes the hair. It doesn’t dry out my hair at all even if I don’t use conditioner also.

VILVAH ALOE VERA AND SHEA BUTTER HAIR CONDITIONER: Aloe Vera and Shea butter are the star ingredients which smoothens the hair and improves the texture over time. Vegetable glycerin also cuts the frizz and conditions the hair. Green tea extract strengthens the hair and promotes healthy hair.

Product discription :

Are you always scared of using a commercial hair conditioners which is full of harsh chemicals but at the same time wanted to have smooth, silky texture with volume.Then shifting to natural hair conditioners is a wise choice. We have come up with the unique formulation for hair conditioner which detangle, smoothen your coarse and dry hair, add volume and shine


Price of this product is Rs.580(200 ml) and 100 ml is Rs.300. You can buy it in the link

Please find the ingredients in the image below


The direction of use:

After shampooing, take a small amount of conditioner in your palm and apply onto wet hair. Don’t worry you can apply on the scalp area too it won’t affect your roots 😉  Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

My experience:

This conditioner comes in white color with the raw smell. Since it is thick in consistency, it is very easy to apply on your hair. After washing my hair thoroughly, believe me, guys I feltttt REFRESHED….. When my hair dried, it felt very smooth and silky which I was longing to have all the time. It lasts for about 2 days without applying any serum.

I would highly recommend you guys to try this product and feel the difference:* :*




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