Are you ready to be the brightest bridesmaid???

Wedding season is around the corner. Being the bridesmaid on your BFF’s special day is every girl’s lifetime dream. So when your BFF is getting hitched then obviously you are the backbone of that bridal entourage. Between choreographing the performances and organizing the party, the Bridesmaids draw a considerable amount of attention in this whole scenario. For each event like Sangeet, Mehandi, Wedding and Reception you don’t want to look the same you.  Your outfit and makeover play a major role and these should never be compromised. So here I am going to give two easy – to – recreate looks for different wedding events and add some drama to your makeover, So that you’ll be in the next limelight.

Tip #1 😌

The base is important for any perfect makeup look so when I researched about good and long lasting foundation and compact, MAC studio fix has been any Pro’s choice till date. However, I am neither a Pro nor an MUA but considering my experience I can say MAC studio fix never disappointed me at all. Studio fix powder foundation works well when used with its foundation.


  1. For the perfect base, Prep your face with a hydrating primer and foundation
  2. Begin prepping your eyes with an eye primer and contour your eyelids with dark brown eye shadow and blend it really well. Later top it off with shiny glitter eye shadow.
  3. To add more drama add a splash of a liner with some vibrant color that goes with your skin tone or that compliments your outfit.
  4. Remember when you have done your eyes boldly your lipstick should be very subtle like shades of pink, peach and brown.



  1. After prepping your base, apply a dark eye shadow say black on the outer corner of your eyes then blend it with a bronze colored eye shadow and create a smokey effect.
  2. Blush your cheek and add peachy effect don’t forget to highlight your face with liquid illuminator on the sharp area like cheekbones, bridge of your nose, under the brow area.
  3. Don’t forget to wear mascara 😉 this will add more drama to your eyes.
  4. Apply a bright color matte lipstick to add glam to your look.


Tip #n ✨

  • After applying primer allow the product to get absorbed for at least 5 minutes.
  • You can conceal before or after applying your foundation but my suggestion will be – if you are applying a cream concealer, apply before your foundation and if it’s a liquid one, apply after your foundation.
  • Don’t apply too much compact or loose powder, just brush it with your powder brush to get settled.
  • Don’t overdo your eyes and lips at the same time if you don’t want an Annabelle look. Yeah exactly – it’ll look awkward.
  • Always remember the beauty mantra “ Little is enough”.

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