Formula for healthy looking skin!!!

Your skin deserves a routine care for a healthy look and you don’t get that healthy looking skin just by washing your face and your make up routine. Because while breathing itself you can tell whether you’re inhaling a healthy air, and of course it’s questionable!In this global condition, pollution has become a part of our day to day life. It damages the environment as well as your skin. While experts try hard to prevent the effects of pollution on environment, let’s see how can we protect our skin from it. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) is the formula that you should apply everyday in your life. Here I’m going to review about THE BODYSHOP cleanser and toner that I have been using for months.


This BODYSHOP tea tree facial wash is infused withtea tree oil from the foothills of mount Kenya. Tea tree oil is well known forremoving impurities deep down from our skin. This face wash clears dustprone-skin with each use. A cooling lather removes excess oil and dirt from ourskin which leaves it feeling fresh and cleansed. After using this you can seethe visible change in your skin and it looks clearer. For best result, usetwice a day.

The product price is Rs.645 and you can buy it in the link or in Nykaa too  

Please find the Ingredients in the image below:

Direction of use:

Wet your face and gently massage few drops on to your skin in circular motion and rinse thoroughly with water. It doesn’t produce much foam. Use it with THE BODYSHOP toner and other tea tree products to achieve target on the blemished skin.

My experience:

Talking about my experience, this face wash suits my skin very well and after started using this product, I found the difference within 2-3 weeks. It achieves the target as it claims. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and reduces break outs. While washing itself it gives a cooling sensation that gives your skin a relieved feel after a long hectic and heat day. It did not over dry my skin rather it doesn’t add any moisture it gives me a fresh look.


Toners are mainly used to tighten and smooth the surface by controlling excess oil and balance out the skin. This BODYSHOP skinclearing mattifying toner is also infused with tea tree oil.

Product price Rs. 695 you can buy it in the link or in Nykaa too

Please find the ingredients in the image below :

If you experience minor break out issues, this product goes very well on you and always use a moisturizer after each cleansing and toning.Since this product contains alcohol, it may dry your skin, So moisturizer is a must in your daily regime. Hope you guys will give this routine a try after reading this.Please remember these external products alone is not enough to make your skin healthy but you should follow a healthy diet and a good sleep too :* :*

If you have any doubts you can ask me in comment section will reply you all ASAP 🙂


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