Budget lipsticks under 499

You know? Putting on your favorite lipstick and stepping out for a fresh air can boost up your dull mood instantly. I have experienced this many times. Lipsticks are my favorite make over essentials. When in a hurry for college or office, since most of us will get ready only in the nick of time, what else can save us other than a lipstick? And imagine getting this all rounder with just your pocket money!!!

Well!!! Let’s see about some of my favorite daily wear lipsticks which I’ve bought for a song! I have a wheatish skin tone so I am discussing some of my favorite shades which will go for both dusky and fair skin toned girls.


Lakme is a popular product specially gifted for Indian skin tone. This Lakme enrich lip crayon comes with its own sharpener which means not twistable. Once you swipe this, it will give you a soft velvety matte finish and you don’t have to touch up for 3 hours unless you lip smack it along with your strawberry milkshake 😛 If you have a dusky to fair skin tone, pop on a bright color like red and flaunt like a Diva!!!

The retail price is Rs.225 and I got it for an offer price of 199/- in Nykaa.



Street wear color rich ultra moist lipstick has a wide range of shades that will instantly enhance your look. This lipstick is worth including in your kit and here I wanna mention three shades which I have tried and loved the most.

2(a) Very vampire: As you guess, it is a blood red colored matte lipstick. It goes well on fair skin toned girls and who wouldn’t wanna be a Marlin Monroe cloning 😉 ?

2(b) Pink persuasion: It is a beautiful coral pink which is very unique. Till now I’ve not found any replacement for this one. You can wear this and go shopping in sunlight or put your party wear on and go clubbing, both the looks are not any lesser to the other. It sure looks stunning on any pretty face. The color is so-so swart and offers unblemished coverage.

2(c) Fire your ex: There is a shade of red for every woman and this one is a beautiful tomato red with orange undertone. Since it is ultra moisture, you can just swipe once and it will smoothly glide on your lips without any fine lines. But if you have hyper pigmented lips, don’t forget to conceal because the color pays off fairly descent and you might want to apply thick coat.

You can grab any of these for Rs.240 and you have got some amazing offers in Flipkart



Maybelline New York brings you the beloved matte lipstick which is enriched with hydrating formula. The color doesn’t fade for 3-4 hours and stay true without drying up your lips. It comes in twelve shades and I’ve got some of my favorite shades to share with you.

3(a) Fire cracker Red: Never underestimate the power of red lipstick; (By now you should have figured out, red rules my make up kit. Lol! 😛 ) and this red will tempt you to take a pout selfie immediately. Put on one and take down the party with power.

3(b) Forever mauve: This shade is a doppelganger of Mac’s burning love. This is that one color that tempts you to buy it and it will sure look good on any skin tones.

3(c) Flaming fuchsia: Flaming fuchsia is a bright neon pink shade. Since it is a vibrant pink, you can wear it for parties and clubbing. But be careful girls! It’s a sexy pink and you might end up stealing someone’s boyfriend. 😉

Get these shades at 325/- at any shop or you can buy these in Nykaa on offers.



This is a perfect burgundy shade which suits all skin tone. I would highly recommend this shade for people who love subtle colors. If you go to any function wearing this on, then you’re gonna be the star of the evening. It’s worth Rs. 449 and you can buy these with offers in Nykaa.


So, Even though you don’t want so many red lipsticks in your kit, I’d suggest you to get the rest of the shades. They are in budget, long lasting and worth your money. No make up is complete without a lipstick. It should be an everyday essential for every woman.

Thanks for taking time to read this. Meet you on my next blog; until then byeeeeee !!! ❤

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