Can charcoal ever shine???

“Stop wishing you had a great skin and get it”

Have you ever wondered when people post their pictures on Insta with #nofilter #nomakeup but still look pretty??? I have wondered many times so done a research and came to know about this bamboo charcoal peel-off mask. I have used it with a mask sheet and I got the best result. So without any delay, let’s look what we’ve got here.


It was a long hectic day in office. It’s your best friend’s reception in the evening and you’re already running late for the event. You don’t have time for parlor. Don’t worry that’s when peel-off mask come to your rescue.

Peel-off masks come in different variants. But for a clear skin, I’d suggest bamboo charcoal peel-off mask. Because, charcoal is known best for removing impurities from your skin and brightening the skin tone. This bamboo charcoal peel-off mask helps not only to remove impurities but also to remove black heads and white heads from the face which is the main villain for people who wants clear skin.


Lakyou beauty bamboo charcoal mask is a liquid peel off mask so you don’t have to worry about stuffs like mixing the right amount of content in the right texture etc,. This product comes in a small box of 10 sachets. One sachet is enough for a single use and it is also easy to carry while travelling.

Please find the product description in the image below:

I used Lakyou Bamboo Charcoal peel-off mask but you can try any bamboo charcoal peel-off mask available in the market. Sooo, now I’ll share my experience with the product. After washing my face with my favorite cleanser I have taken one sachet and applied the whole content to my face evenly avoiding the eye and the brow area. Make sure to apply thick layer that will make the peel-off process easy. It takes up to 25-30 minutes to dry. You can feel the skin tightening when it dries up. I started peeling off from the forehead, but it didn’t come off easily as per the peeling norms 😛 so I had to wash off the remaining with cold water.

After removing the mask, my skin felt soft and smooth to touch and there is a visible glow on my skin. Sometimes, it will be difficult to remove if you have applied the product on facial hair. It might cause redness for few seconds. On times like this, you should not leave your skin as such and you need to keep your skin moisture. You can apply any moisturizer but I tried this mask sheet – Dermal Arbutin mask sheet and it gave amazing result altogether.


I got this mask sheet from Nykaa and it costs Rs.145. Please find the product in this link. You can check the sachet for the product information. Please refer the same in the below image.

After using the charcoal peel-off mask I put on this mask on the face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. These are cotton based sheets infused with serum or essence that contains several ingredients to address a variety of skin care issues. This mask sheet contains Arbutin which helps brightening-moisturizing the skin. After removing the mask off, I have massaged my skin with the left over serum and tadaaa … You’re all ready to go out and shine like you never had a dull skin.

For a straight outta salon look, you people can give this combo a try. If you have any doubts, you can ask me in the comment section and I will reply you ASAP. Hope you guys enjoy reading this. See you guys in my next blog. Until then byeeeee!!! ❤

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