Who doesn’t like a glowing skin!!!

“In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes”

Hi everyone!
I’m very excited to start this new blog with my favorite skin care product. Yes, I know maintaining our skin is not an easy task. If you want a flawless and glowing skin, you should use the right product and take care of your skin on a regular basis. I generally don’t like to have too many products on to my skin because all the chemicals in there will make my skin dry so I follow this ‘ little is enough’ mantra. In this blog, I’m going to write about a product which you guys can try too if you want a glowing skin. Since I have a normal to dry skin, I always wanted my skin to have a dewy touch. So I googled for some skin care products which will give ‘that’ dewy effect and there I found this Vitamin C Skin Boost/ Instant Smoother from “THE BODY SHOP”.

When I saw the tag line ‘ instant glow ’ I didn’t have any second thought and immediately wanted to try the product out. I blindly believe in The Body Shop products because they don’t add too much of Paraben and most of their products are Paraben free. So the very next day I went to Casablanca –the only place where I get The Body Shop products in Pondicherry. For Chennaites, the product is available in their official Body Shop Stores in any popular Malls. Others can buy it online in their website,


Once I entered the shop, I started searching for the Vitamin C serum. I asked the sales person for the serum and he corrected me that it’s not a serum but a base for a smooth skin like a primer. Then I asked him to give a demo with the sample. I used it in my hand and it was so smooth and easy to apply. It gave the dewy touch as I expected but I was not fully satisfied. I bought the product to try it out myself. You know any product you buy might not give results right away.

Then I went home, I washed my face and prepped my face with moisturizer then got some amount of the product in hand and applied all over my face evenly in upward, circular motion and left my skin without adding any other products. While applying itself it gave the orange smell since it has Camu Camu berries which I liked the most. ❤ After few minutes my mom saw me and asked what I have applied on my skin. I said that I simply washed my face. 😛 But she didn’t believe and said, “No, your skin is glowing! Did you apply any serum???” and I was super happy to get an honest feedback. Because my mom never compliments my skin for any new products I try. 😛 After a week, I really didn’t like to have any other product on my skin except the moisturizer and this Vitamin C smoother. Since I stayed indoor I never mentioned about sunscreen. Otherwise sunscreen should be mandatory for anyone fighting that scotching sun.

For a glowing skin, I’d really recommend this product for you guys to try out. As the product says it is an ideal skin pick-me-up to enhance your glow. Obviously, you won’t see the difference over night but the product will surely work its magic on your skin. And I’m telling you this product is not some brightening or whitening product as you expect of all other vitamin C products.

I’ve pointed out some pros and cons from my point of view. Please do check it out.


  • Instant glow with a radiant look.
  • Silky smooth finish which can be used as a basefor a good make up look.
  • Best for dull skin it will immediately boost theskin and gives the healthy look


  • It comes with the pump which is sometimesdifficult for the product to come out of it.
  • Bit pricey but worth the money

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my first write-up. I will come up with my next blog which is about the facial mask and sheet that I’ve tried recently. It gave remarkable results which I can’t wait to write you.



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